GHS Sub-Zero Boomers are on the bright tone side. They are cryogenically treated in a computerized system using -300 degree liquid nitrogen. That will reduce corrosion and keep them in tune. I think these strings are ok, but I feel like they're trying to sell the whole nitrogen freezing process. Still, good strings that come in five gauges.
Retail - $5.00 
My Rating- 4 Stars


This product is must have for people who do their own guitar maintenance. This product you just spray on your dark wood finger board, rosewood, or ebony.
This keeps the fingerboard glowing and clean, fast and protected from sweat and grime.
Retail - $3.00
My Rating - 4.8 Stars


 These string are my absolute favorite strings. They are coated in a micro-thin layer of enamel. They are made to last 5 times longer then non-coated strings. They come in eight different gauges.
I use these strings and they last me about a month with daily play of 2 hours. Normal strings last me about a week or so.
Retail - $7.00
My Rating - 4.9 Stars


The Dunlop Blues Bottle Slides are hand made with tempered seamless glass that stops buzzing and ensures a long life. These come in three sizes, two wall thicknesses and different  colors - Blue, Red, Yellow and Clear. This is the ideal slide for blues. Good for acoustic and electric guitars.
Retail - $10-15.00
My Rating - 4.8 Stars


The Ernie Ball Power Peg is the #1 tool I have for guitar maintenance. It used to take me ten minutes to change my strings but now I do them in about three - no lie! EVERYONE should buy this and see how good it is!
Retail - $20.00
My Rating - 4.9 stars


The Ernie ball phosphor coated strings are now my favorite string. These last longer then a normal string since they are coated in enamel. This makes the string last longer then a normal string.They have a beautiful,crisp tone that is very snappy.MADE IN U.S.A
My Rating-5.0 stars


The Vox VT15, is the coolest amp I've seen in a while. It is half solid state and half tube and uses the Valve Reactor circuit. The VT15 uses a 12AX7 to produce a real tube amp sound.
You can save eight of your own edited pre-sets from many modeling amps and tons of effects. Now mind you, its only 15 watts but it screams! It has an optional foot switch for $60.00 which helps with live situations.
Retail - $130.00
My Rating - 4.88 Stars

V-PICKS are the coolest picks I"ve even seen. Now besides looking cool they sound AMAZING!!! They are made of a material that as it warms in your fingers it sticks to your finger so you don't need to re-grip. These come in over 60 models. Try them, trust me they rock! I would, also, like to give a shout out to Vinni of at v-picks thanks man your the best! MADE IN USA
My Rating-5 stars

V-PICK SLIDES are one of the best slides Ive every used. they are made of the same material as v-picks. the are very light. they have amazing tone that you wont match with a glass or metal slide. they come in 4 sizes and wall thicknesses. you can even order a custom slide with your name on it, how cool is that! so go out and try em. and i"d also like to thank vinni! MADE IN USA retail- $10-$25.00
My Rating-5 stars

The Dunlop Gator Grip Picks are the ideal pick for players who play heavy and hard,who have  hands that sweat alot. The tonal properties of the High-Quality Plectra is fantastic!!!!!!! You barely have to hold onto this pick. Go out and try these picks!!!!! They come in seven different gauges.  I would like to give a shout out to my friend Anna over at Dunlop your the best! Go out and try these picks. MADE IN USA
Retail-$4.00 a dozen
My Rating-4.99 stars

   The Dunlop rev.willy s picks are inspired by billy gibbons. They are on authentic Dunlop picks. they come in three gauges .60,.73,and 1.00mm. the tone is amazing. What makes these cool is they come in a pick tin with cool graphics. 6 to a tin.amazing graphics!
Retail- $8.00
my Rating-5 stars


The boss md-2 is a fantastic distortion. it has 5 controls,level,tone/bottom,distortion, and gain boost. This pedal sounds amazing and its easy to use. Sound from a boost for solos to a blue-rock to death metal! the md-2 has true bypass. also can be powered my battery or 9volt battery. this pedal rocks!!!!!!!
My Rating-4.99 stars

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           TANGLEWOOD  TW28 CLN
The Tanglewood tw28 cln is and acoustic guitar is made of Mahogany back and sides and neck with a Ceder top. It comes with with a bone nut and saddle and real maple binding. The body is double bound with binding up the neck. one piece Mahogany neck and rosewood  bridge and fingerboard. Comes in a satin
finish This guitar has AMAZING tone
and play ability for its price a great
guitar for starters to pros!
My Rating-5 stars

          Dunlop Tortex III
The Dunlop Tortex 3's are the newest versions of Tortex picks from Dunlop. They are Printed on the same Tortex material we all know and love. These pick have some thing that a Standard tortex pick doesnt have A jazz tip! they come in 7 gauges They sound Great and play even better try em out.MADE IN USA
My Ratin-5 stars.

    The bullet vintage coil cable is absolutely one of the best cable I've used. They sound better then high end cables that coast over $200.00.The bullet cables come in 11 DIFFERENT COLORS!!! These cable sound amazing! I use the bullet cable more then my wireless. These are amazing cables you got to get one! I want thank the people over at bullet cable for helping me get this cable for review!
My Rating-5 stars

Action Custom Straps are a company from
Indianapolis, IN. They make the most amazing basic straps! Big time musicians  wear em. They made me a custom simply classy strap with red leather and black tail piece with red stitching. Its simply a magnificent work of craftsmanship.They come in a variety of materials and colors. These straps you need to try order your today you'll thank me! I wanna say thanks to the people at Action you guys rock! MADE IN USA (and red strap under simply classy is mine!) just sayin
My Rating-5 stars!

           TUNER GUARD
The Tuner Guard is the perfect thing to keep your guitar in tune. Its so simple is just slips over the knobs on your tuners to prevent them from getting hit and knocking your guitar out of tune. This is gear for putting on your guitar when its in its case or for playing. Its available in 4 colors and only for 6-in-line tuners at the moment. (new designs coming soon) Go and try them i use mine all the time.MADE IN USA
My Rating-4 stars

    Quick Guards Custom pick-guards
Quick Guards make some of the coolest pick guards on the market. They come in a a variety on shapes, styles, and colors. They are made for all types of basses and guitars.Some of the models are made of 24kt gold flake! They are just a great way to spice up your axe and put some style and art into the guitar as well. They have been used by pros such as, Avril Lavigne, David Archuleta, Jimmy & Stevie Ray Vaughn, Lionel Richie! I would like to give a BIG thanks to Mike from Quick Guards for sending one out for review! MADE IN USA
Retail-$ varies 
My Rating=5 gold stars

Rulien's Lost Muse Straps is a company that makes beautiful high-end custom guitar straps hand-made in Houlton,WI. All of the straps are made with the best quality American Buffalo hides. Each one is made by Kimberlie , the owner of Rulien's! They make straps with all shorts of inlay and bead-work. Kim will inlay anything you want on your strap with the various materials she uses. All bead work is sewn into place not glued! The leather is hand dyed & sealed so the color wont come off on your clothes! The straps are amazing and will cling to you over time after the leather softens. Each strap is named & numbered.They are "art for your guitar" and they are amazing and will last a long time. Like Kim says "You dont hang a diamond on a shoe-string". So go and get a custom strap from Rulien's! I want to giive a HUGE thanks to kim at Rulien's for sending me out a beautiful "Tribe" strap out for review its amazing Thanks So much Kim! MADE IN USA
My Rating-6 stars

The Big Bends Gloss Sauce has to be the #1 guitar polish on the market! Its a easy to use spray on polish. It cleans and Rejuvenate you guitars finish. Its so easy to use, and all you have to do is buff in the polish til the finish is smooth and smudge free.I would like to give a thank you to the people at Big Bends for sending out a box of goodies to review!MADE IN USA
My Rating-5stars

Retail-$6.00 for 2oz


I just want to tell every one to start with that this guitar was compared to a fender American standard tele. The Welch TS-Deluxe is an amazing guitar at an amazing price you won’t believe! It is a Tele style body made of two pieces of U.S ash. It’s finished in a gloss lacquer so you can us the grain of the beautiful ash body (on the amber finish guitar). It’s loaded with
Wilkinson vintage voiced pickups which sound amazing!!! It also has a gorgeous one piece
piece 21 fret USA Maple neck with abalone inlay dot markers with a satin finish for amazing playability. All the ts-deluxe models come double bound with cream or black binding (depending on the model). The guitar is a 25.5 scale length and come with tele style controls (one volume, one tone,3 way switch). Comes standard with
Vintage style 6 Saddle Bridge, and Vintage style button tuners! Comes stock with D' addario strings. The best part about this guitar is it sounds 10 times better then an American standard telecaster!!! I would absolutely recommend this guitar for every one from beginners to pros! The great thing is it retails for $430.00 with a vintage style black case!!! That’s such an amazing deal go out and try them and buy them! They come in a variety of colors so check em out! I would love to thank Heath, owner of Welch Guitars for send me out this beauty for review THANKS ALLOT YOU THE MAN!!!!!
My Rating-6 stars
Retail- $430.00

The Lakota leathers guitars straps are made on the Pine Ridge Indian reservation in South Dakota, USA. There are amazing hands made strap. It’s looks good and is so soft! Lakota leathers also make straps for banjo, mandolin, and resonator guitars as well as standard guitars. Go out and try em! I'd also like to thanks ken at Lakota for send out this strap for review! Made In USA
My Rating-4 stars

The BMF Effects Purple Nurple is a truly amazing sounding overdrive pedal. Its a true-bypass pedal that works with 9vt power supply or 9vt battery. The pedal has two knobs a volume and gain and a orange led indicator light. Its really works with all types of genres of music. Hook it up with a tele and you got a killer country lead tone! With a humbucker loaded guitar you can get some great rock and blues tones! This pedal is amazing! You can use it for every thing! I think its one of the best sounding overdrives i ever heard! It is completely hand-wired in the USA! Comes in a killer purple enclosure and durable hardware and a cloth carrying draw string sac!  GO TRY ONE!!!!!! Once you get a purple nurple you will NEVER go back to other overdrives! I would recommend this to everyone!IT SOUND AMAZING! I would like to thank Scott over at BMF effects for sendin this and the Fat Bastard over for review!!! MADE IN USA
My Rating-6 stars

The BMF Fat Bastard is a smooth boost pedal. It provides a clear, crisp full range boost to your signal. It features True-Bypass and a LED indicator light. Has one knob for adjusting the level of d.b boost you desire. The sound is amazing a pure and it stays true to your signal! It will just beef up your signal output with a clean boost! No crackles or fuzz! Go try one out it’s a must have for lead and rhythm guitar players alike! Comes with a cloth carrying draw-string sac! It is hand wired in California as are all of BMF's pedals! The quality is craftsmanship ship is amazing! It’s a durable pedal THAT SOUNDS AMAZING and will last you a long time! (As long a you take care of it properly! Storage, use, and care etc.) I would like to thank Scott over at BMF Effects for sending the Fat Bastard and Purple Nurple out for review...Thanks man you ROCK! MADE IN USA!
Retail- $150.00
My Rating -6 stars!

Cord-Lox cable tubes are a great solution for loose cables! You just simply group your cables together and wrap the cable tube around it, ITS THAT SIMPLE! No more tripping over your cables! It’s made from a strong vinyl-PVC material. so it will last forever. Great for pedal board to amp cables. Go out and try them there amazing and work! I would like to thanks Dave from TFI for send this out for review! Also stay tuned for more reviews of Cord-Lox's Amazing products thanks to Dave..You rock man!
MY Rating-5 stars

The spider capo is a must have in a gig tool box! It is a capo made of solid medal and plastic and very easy to adjust as desired. Its a great unique way to get your alternate tunings! Have You ever put a capo on a selected fret and the low E, A and G sound perfect but, the high E,B and G are too high?Well here's your solution!  You can press down each string individually instead of all at once on the same fret! You need this product start using your old capos as spares, because this one will last! Spider Capo also makes capos for bass, mandolin, uke and, bouzuki. Must try this product you will be impressed! I would like to thank Peter at Spider Capo for sending one out for review! MADE IN USA
My Rating-5 stars

The String Cleaner in another on of those products to keep in your gig tool box! It is a product that will clean your strings a full 360 degrees with out any chemicals! Your non coated strings will last so much longer and your coated strings will last even longer! just simply run the unit up and down your strings about 3 times and that's it! Will keep all the dirt and grime off your strings preventing rust! Uses cleanable micro-fiber pads that will last! Also made in bass models! will word on all guitars even 12 strings! A must have! I want to thank Dave at Tone gear for sending one to review! MADE IN USA
My Rating-5 stars

                   THE SLIDE CADDY
The Slide Caddy is made by a great company called Rocky Mountain Slides in Colorado. ALL of there products and 100% HAND MADE at their facility. The Slide Caddy is a fantastic product for any slide player! Its is a solid medal clip that screws into the back of any headstock so your slide is right at your finger tips! No more going to get one off your amp or mic stand and no more need for Velcro on the head stock and slide! This product is a must and very affordable and made with a durable construction that will last for years! Go out and get one you will thank me! I would like to thank Todd over at Rocky Mountain for sending the slide caddy and a slide for review!MADE IN USA!
My Rating-5 stars

The Blues Boy is a amazing quality slide hand made in Colorado by Rock Mountain Slide Company! They are made of solid pieces of clay, not pored into a mold like most clay slides! The quality will surprise you. They also sound AMAZING trust
me.They are glazed in a beautiful glass and fired at over 2000 degrees!!! Rocky Mountain Slide Company makes 5 models of slides ,4 lengths and are offered in 6 colors! They are all perfect matches for a Slide Caddy ! So take it from me you want to get a Rocky Mountain Slide, maybe a Blues Boy because its one of the best and quality slides out there! I want to thank Todd at R.M.S.C for sending this and a caddy out for review! MADE IN USA!!!
My Rating-6 stars

Terrapin Guitars is a company located Eugene, OR. They make custom engraved truss rod covers and pick guards. They will make custom designed pick guard to your specs! So if you are a builder or just need a replacement pick guard for your guitar or wanna just spouse it up Terrapin's got you covered! Go check them out ! I want to thank john from Terrapin for sending me out a gorgeous pick guard for review! MADE IN USA
Retail-Vary s
My Rating- 6 star company

The DR dragon Skin guitar strings​ are one of the newest innovations in the acoustic line of strings  from DR Strings! They are made of phosphor-bronze and treated in DR's  P.A.F  K3 coating! They last so long i had them on my acoustic for more then 2 months! They sound so crisp and clear you can hear every note its amazing.Go get a set or box!!! I want to thank Anthony @ DR for sending some goodies out..Thanks man! MADE IN THE GREATEST STATE IN THE WORLD RIGHT, HERE IN NEW JERSEY!!!
My Rating-5.8 stars





     ​ The DR Neon Bass Strings is the first BASS product to be reviewed on San Maine Guitar Gear Reviews!!! They strings are pretty decent in my 
opinion. They are a nickle plated and wound on a round core. they are coated in the DR P.A.F K3 coating with makes for a much longer life. they are also a 'hi-def neon color ​' they will stick out on a bass and its looks cool and it will also glow under a black or fluorescent light which makes for a rad stage effect!!! these strings are really good if you play with your fingers. If you play with a pick the neon coating will start to flake on your guitar (from my own testing and the way i play) They are a pretty good strings try them out for your self id recommend it.They come in 4 and 5 string sets I want to thank Anthony over at DR Strings for sending some stuff out for review-in..Thanks man! MADE RIGHT HERE IN NEW JERSEY,USA!!!!   
My Rating-4 stars




The Miller Guitar Strap is a patented guitar strap design hand made in Ohio, USA. It eliminates for having a shoe string tied to your hear stock or having to put a after market strap button on your guitar in order to wear a strap. It is a X style that cradles your guitar and its so comfortable and secure, you can wear it for hours and jump around on stage and it wont hurt your shoulder or your ax. It wont effect the finish of your guitar at all! It comes in two colors ,brown, and black. It fits most guitars, dreadnaughts ,000,and most OM and smaller body guitars. This strap is a must have for any player its great for vintage pieces. try this strap out and you will see what im talking about! Its so affordable for a strap made with such high quality leather. It also has a built in pick holder. The best part about Miller Guitar Straps is that all there net profits are donated to charity's,non-profits and individuals in need. Thats also a great reason to buy this strap and its looks greats and is such a usable product and IT WORKS!!! I want to thanks Matthew the owner of Miller Guitar straps for sending a beautiful brown strap out for review! MADE IN USA
My Rating-6 Stars



Morley Mini Maverick Switchless autowah

   The Morley Mini Maverick Switchless wah is a versatile wah pedal in a small package. It’s made by Morley Pedals in Cary, IL! It features a cold rolled steel housing which makes it EXTREMELY strong and durable it comes with the classic Morley logo on the front on the pedal. It, also, comes with a very accessible battery door with a small cord to hold on the door so it doesn’t fall off or lose it. You can power it by either a 9 volt battery or adapter, whichever, you choose. It has a mixture of a modern and vintage wah sound which makes it great for all types of music. You don’t have to change settings to get an amazing usable wah sound. The best parts of this unit mechanically are that it’s built like a tank and it doesn’t use a pot like most wahs ! No more bad connections or scratchy broken pots to deal with. Instead of a pot, it uses the revolutionary electro-optical circuitry which consists of LED's, LDR and a shutter which will make the wah sound. This pedal like most of Morley’s pedals is fully adjustable; you can adjust the tone sweep on the wah; as well as the on/off timing (since it is switchless). It feathers a red LED indicator light as well which is a great feature. The whole Electro-optical circuitry is a little complicated, but it’s ok because you’re never going to have to fix the pedal, because it’s built so well. Another great addition to this pedal is that it’s VERY small; it was designed with other pedals from Morley’s Mini line of pedals. The idea is so you could have a smaller more compact pedal board with a wah on it. It’s a little larger than a standard boss pedal, but not nearly as big as a standard wah! The absolute best part is the sound! It delivers a clean crisp vintage/modern wah sound without sucking the tone and volume from your signal. It sounds so good and you will be impressed. This was the first time I ever used any of Morley’s wah pedals and I’m completely blown away! You really need to check out the Morley Switchless auto wah you will be very impressed, also, it’s very affordable for the quality of the product. Go try one out. It will turn into a must have for me. It replaced my other wah pedals I love it! I would like to thank Bill Over at Morley Pedals for sending this amazing tone machine the mini Maverick Switchless auto wah out for review.....Thanks Bill! MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!!
My Rating -7 stars!

VF Cables Review  Part 1

I want to start this review with a little background on how I got to review VF Cables. A couple of months ago I came across this cable company called VF Cables. After checking out their site I noticed that they have never had any reviews done on their product so I jumped on it and contacted Dave the owner of VF Cables asking if he would be interested in having a review done on some of his products. He contacted me back and we talked a bit and as it turned out he was very interested. So we agreed on a set of cables and he told me that he makes CUSTOM cables how YOU want them. So as time went on I talked to Dave every now and then and he is truly an accommodating person and runs an amazing home grown business that makes amazing products right here in the U.S.A!!!!

Now onto actual reviews of these cables, all of VF's Cables (excluding their heavy duty speaker cables, which I will get to) are made with Mogami cable and Nuetrik ends exclusively, now for VF's speaker cables, VF uses Live wire elite cable with switchcraft big power ends these cables are heavy duty and will deliver great tone and clarity and LAST!!! When I tried out VF’s Cables I noticed something that I have never heard with any other was basically silent with my set up of gear ( guitar to Morley wah to Digitech rp50 to a boss distortion into a Vox amp). I also noticed that my signal was almost boosted in a way and the clarity of the guitar tone was phenomenal. The cables are, also, so well made they don’t crackle when they’re moved around like most cables and they won’t break as long as you treat them right. The cables are soldered with silver solder which is the best conductor of electricity and is expensive, but in the words of Dave of VF "Only the best for VF customers". The cables are so good I have made the switch; all the other cables I use are now backups to my VF Cables I was so impressed with them and don’t think I will ever use anything else; these are the best cables and they are priced very affordable for any musician at any level. Everything I say about VF is positive because they custom the way YOU want them and they SOUND AMAZING!!! Here are some various things said about VF Cables from people who use them... these are word for word statements directly from them to me....

"The best way I can describe VF Cables is limitless since they are a custom shop anything can be done. VF Cables not only sound great but they are tough and made my live world a hell of a lot easier!- Chris Cannella(Autumn's End). "I know it sounds cheesy but I have nothing bad to say about VF Cables. They are priced right, sound incredible, are durable, reliable, and I will NEVER play without them again. Since I have started using VF Cables and playing out with them, a bunch of local guitarists, bassists, and Vocalists have started using them. They are the best cables you can buy as far as I’m concerned. You can actually hear the difference!"- Ron Kuczuk (Tyrant Trooper & Bonded Through Hate). REALLY GREAT CABLES CLEAN AND A DEFINITION YOU NEED TO HEAR...SAY GOODBYE TO MUDDY AND HELLO TO CLEAN RICH HIGHS AND MIDS- Mike Felder. Jacked in, fired up the new amp and the first thing we noticed weren’t the volume (which was huge) but also the lack of hum or noise….it was whisper quiet! The cabs absolutely bark tone that before they would only allude to. All in all, if you asked me what I’ll be running from here out, it’s not even a question, its VF Cables- The people of the band
Continuum. So there you have it I’m not the only one who can tell the difference using VF Cables. They are great! Go out and try them, you will thank me and thank yourself for getting them it will make the difference that you can hear!
VF Cables come in a variety of connector ends and your choice of
Red, Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Grey, Neon Pink and Glow in the Dark Green, heat shrink to add a little flare to your cables and also as another option you can get Super Duty Nylon Covered cable ( up to 25ft). For prices and options check out the VF Cables website! I want to give a huge thanks to Dave the Owner of VF Cables for sending out a lot of cables to review and letting me hear the difference and his product that lived up to the expectations that VF Cables has . Thanks a lot Dave!  MADE IN THE USA!!!!!!!!

Retail- Prices vary check  - My Rating -10 stars!!!

                     ​​​VF Cables Review pt.2

Speaker & Xlr/mic cables

This is my second part of the VF Cables review. I did talk about both of these products (speaker and xlr cables) in the first review. I will now do an in-depth review on both products from my first Official sponsor, VF Cables!

VF Speaker Cables

    A couple of weeks ago I got my hands on one of VF’s speaker cables. I would first like to talk about some of the specifics that are involved with the VF custom speaker cables. VF uses Live Wire Elite 12 gauge Wire with either Switchcraft High Power 1/4 ends or Nuetrik Speakon ends. Theses cables are soldered with the best conductor of electricity, silver solder. VF speaker cables are also offered with super duty nylon covered cable that is available up to 25ft. It also comes with your choice of heat shrink! These things are built to last! It blew me away how quiet the amp was when I plugged them into the head and cab. Additionally, the sound and overall tone was improved dramatically. In using this VF speaker cable versus other speaker cables, the VF delivered exactly what all guitar players are listening for with tone rich, crisp highs, mids, and fat lows! This speaker cables dwarf all other speaker cables, and it is a product that every guitar player needs. It’s a durable long lasting product that improves your sound! VF speaker cables paired with your all your gear will make your rig virtually silent, and will last you a long time. Whether you are on the road, in the studio, or just jamming at home, these speaker cables will make your playing sound KILLER!

VF xlr/mic Cables

    ​VF Cables also offers a number of products in their cable line. One of these cables is the Xlr cable. VF xlr cables are made with high quality components such as, mogami quad shielded wire, nuetrik ends (either strait or 90), and they are soldered with silver solder. All of VF cables are hand crafted and built to last. I have used a VF mic cable for a while, and am highly impressed by the sound quality. A good microphone paired with a VF mic cable will deliver that clear, crisp sound which every dedicated musical artist looks for. You will not find any crackles, hisses, or hmms with the VF mic cables. They are virtually silent. I highly recommend all of VF’s products. They are truly an amazing, durable product .I would like to thank Dave over at VF for making this all possible and being the first official sponsor of Sean's Guitar Garage ! Thanks again Dave….You rock man!!!
My Rating -10stars
Retail- prices vary check ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



       Rock Solid Guitar Stand (Classic 4)

 Rock Solid Guitar Stands is a company that makes guitar stands that holds multiple guitars at once. They are made of a durable 10 ply birch plywood with a hardwood veneer, which makes it extremely strong and gives it a look of a piece of fine hardwood furniture; which makes it great for a home setting like a studio, practice room, even a bedroom. The Rock Solid Stand will fit anywhere in your home. The Rock Solid Stands classic four is good for someone with limited space, its only 33”wide x 28” high x18” deep. It comes in three great finishes dark cherry, honey and ivory. When I got the stand I had to do some assembly, but if you have a basic knowledge of tools it should take you about a half an hour! After the stand was put together I was amazed by how sturdy it was; it wouldn't even move when I shook it. It fit all my guitars perfectly. I have 3 acoustics and 1 electric on it and they fit beautifully without even touching each other. Over all; this stand is a perfect match for a home or studio setting. I wouldn’t bring it on stage, though, it might get scratched, which you wouldn’t want to happen to this fine stand. I would recommend this stand as a must have for people with a few guitars. It’s stable and you won’t have to worry about your guitars falling over! The rock solid Classic four stands can hold basses, guitars (electric and acoustic). Rock Solid Stands, also, offer a stand that holds 5 guitars as well as six! All Rock Solid Stands are SOLID and built to last. Great product! I want to thank Jeff owner of Rock Solid Stands for sending me out A Classic 4 to review ...Thanks a lot Jeff ...Rock on!


My Rating-5 stars

    iixx guitar stand (Alpha Display Stand)

   iixx stands are based in Santa Barbara, California. They produce a guitar stand like no other. They’re a sleek and compacted design. They are made of aluminum with a 4 leg modern design. They use high quality components like springs, bolts, etc. They use the spring action “bear claw design” that makes this stand extremely sturdy and your guitar won’t fall over! These stands, also, feature silicon feet so it doesn't slip and slide! All the pieces that come in contact with the guitar are covered in quality foam so it won’t scratch your finish. On testing this stand out I noticed that this stand has a very small footprint; it won’t take up a lot of room and it’s durable and safe for your fine guitar. This stand only works with solid body electric guitars. This is a great stand for collectors or people displaying a guitar at a guitar show or shop and is a great piece to add to any guitar room or studio. I wouldn't bring it on stage, because you don’t want to hurt this stand or scratch it. It comes in a powder coat and anodize finish and is offered in two colors matte black and limited edition pink for Breast Cancer Awareness. A part of the proceeds from these stands go to the United Cancer Society. That’s a great thing! Overall I am impressed with this stand and I’d definitely try one out if I were you. I want to send a big thanks to Esteban owner of iixx stands for sending a stand out for reviewing.....thanks alot!!!!!!!!!!! MADE IN USA!

Retail- $200.00

My Rating-4 & 1/2 stars

Morley buffer boost

   The Morley Buffer Boost is a Farley new pedal I got it when it first came out in February so its pretty new. The Morley Buffer Boost is a American made pedal , that doubles as two pedals, a full range clean boost and a buffer pedal a great weapon to prevent tone and signal loss. As most know when you use a lot of pedals and long cables your tone might deplete that might make the sound quieter and slightly or severely muddy sounding (no one wants that!). This pedal used as a buffer is just what you need to fix that. Place it right at the end of your signal chain and engage the pedal and adjust the level job till you get the sound you like now you can run longer cables and more effects with no signal loss. This pedal is also a up to 20db clean boost. This feature is great for when you need that little push or cut through the band or its killer for soloing! Place this pedal were ever it sounds good to you in your signal chain I personally like it as the last pedal because all the pedals go right into the buffer boost and you get the true sound of the other pedals boosted! You can also place this in your amps FX loop. It delivers a great crisp and direct sounds through you’re amp. This pedal is great for the both purposes its designed for the buffer and the clean boost! This is a great pedal and would recommend to anyone and now I don’t go to a gig without it ! It features a compact cold rolled steel housing with a classy flat white finish. It can be powered by either a 9vt power supply or a battery. Red LEDs to let your know when there’s power and when its engaged, also comes with a 2 year warranty and a great price. I want to give a big thanks to Bill @ Morley for sending these out for review Thanks Man! MADE IN THE USA!!!!

My Rating-5 stars

Mad Mount

     Mad mounts is a company that makes amazing pieces of art for your guitar. They make everything from racks to small wall handed and are cut, built and finished by hand! Awhile back I got a killer Dragon wall hanger from Steve owner of mad mounts. They are made of 1018 1/8" thick mild steel that is hand-ground and powder coated slapped with a clear finish. The Dragon Mount I have is also heated to give it that burnt metal color that shimmered, pearl like effect… too cool! I’ve had this mount for a few months and is rocks! Not only does it hold my guitar safe a secure with me having to worry about it walling off the wall IT IS A PIECE OF ART that add a cool flare to the room its in and the guitar its holding! I was so impressed when I got this product because its something different you can go any ware and get a simple wall hanger but this is way different and hand made so everyone one these Mad Mounts has its own personality! Mad Mounts has the right product for every one’s style, space and budget. These Products from Mad Mounts are totally durable and will last and last! They come included with everything you need to hand your mount. I would seriously recommend these to anyone who wants to spice up your guitar room! GREAT PRODUCT!!! Works with electric acoustic guitars and basses. I want to give a HUGE thanks to Steve over at Mad Mounts for send this beauty out ….thanks Man your rock and sorry it took so long! MADE IN THE USA!!!

My Rating- 6 Stars 

Dr. Duck’s AxWax and String Lube

     The first thing I’m going to say for this review is WOW! I have never tried this product before, then when I got the chance to get some and try it out for reviewing I was shocked with how well it works for both the cleaning and the string lube. It is an Organic cleaning, polishing, and moisturizing formula with great powers. You can use it on every part of the guitar …and I do mean EVERY PART of it. Also, it is safe for your vintage and modern instruments! No more having to have multiple products for body waxes fret cleaner and polish. Dr. Duck’s AxWax and String Lube. All it takes is a wee little drop of this on the body and you’re good to buff it all out. It works with scuffs and hard to clean spots! It really works people! Great for fret boards it reduces fret oxidation. This product is, also, a string lube and cleaner. It will brighten up old strings and remove dirt, sweat and grime off your strings and increases the life of them and makes them lightening fast to play! It has a nice smell not a harsh chemical scent. It is used by big companies like Martin, Santa Cruz, Fender, Jackson, Gretsch, Bolin , James Olsen, Lakland, Dan Electro guitars and many others around the world! This is a great product and it works so well! I highly recommend you try some! Made in the USA!
My Rating-6 stars!

                          ​​Gear Hugger mic stand

   I want to start this review off by saying this is my first product that doesn’t have to do with guitars directly, but is a great product for guitarists, as well as, anyone in a band. Gear Hugger is a revolutionary mic stand that features a patented U shaped design to “hug” your gear. It is made out of heavy duty steel that provides an extremely durable long-lasting construction. It is a fully adjustable patented U shaped base from 18.5 inches to 34 inches and comes with a standard boom mic arm and the Gear Hugger base it is designed to form around gear either pedal board, monitor or any other gear that fits in the adjustment specs of the stand base. This stand is a great fix to a common problem; round base mics are round so nothing will go up flush against them and tripod mic’s don’t fit your gear like Gear Hugger stands do; they are a great product that solves a problem. This product will last through conditions either on the road, studio or home garage band room! Great for guitar players with pedal boards, as well as, drummers and keyboard players who hit some vocals, as well as, singers as a monitor will fit comfy in the GH base! This mic stand is incredible and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee. I highly recommend it now to all musical people! With this product I have come up with a new award for my company and on behalf of Sean's Guitar Garage® I would like to present Gear Hugger® with the first SGG “Most Innovative Product Award” for Spring-Summer 2012! Congratulations to Gear Hugger. I would like to thank the people at Gear Hugger for sending me a stand to review. Thanks a lot! MADE IN USA!
My Rating- 8 stars!

TTS Pickups 59’ Bucker

   Before I start this review I want to say that I installed these pups in a dc (double cut) dual hummbucker style guitar 2 volume 2 tone 3 way toggle, all the controls are full sized high quality components. The 59’ bucker from TTS music is a hand made , vintage tone machine! These 59’s from TTS are modeled after original PAF’s from 59! The TTS versions feature similarities to the original Gibson® PAF. Some of these include, 42 AWG enamel coated wire, and the string spacing that is extremely close to vintage spec TTS’s being a 50mm and vintage PAF being 49.2mm. These are, also, low output and low magnet strength like some of the best sound most sought after PAFs, these from TTS are 7.6K (B) and 7.4K (N) and they use the very pleasurable sounding Alnico-2 magnets. These pickups are, also, wax potted to prevent micro phonics such as squeal and whistle. The wax potting, also, prevents the coils from corrosion mean a longer lasting, more durable pickup! The second to best part about these pickups are that they are made to order from TTS so you have your choice of bobbon colors, you can choose between black, white, and cream and metal covers. Now for the best part about these pickups; their sound, these have crispy shimmering highs and full round fat mids. They are great for everything from a jazz tone to a blues/rock to a great heavy rock to metal tone; nothing sounds better than these style pups loaded into a cranked up low watt tube amp. I used a fender champion 600 cranked all the way up for a killer tone, these pickups are truly a great piece for a “nostalgic” guitar tone. These pickups are amazing and very pleasing to the ear. I would highly recommend these pickups to anyone who plays any genre of music with any guitar equipment for hummbuckers! I want to give a huge thanks to Sean Owner of TTS music for sending these to check out …thanks man you rock! MADE IN USA
Retail- $190.00 (uncovered set)
My Rating- 8 stars

Prime -Vibe

I want to start this review off by saying when I first came across this product I was a little skeptical about “Does it really work?” I contacted the great folks at Prime-Vibe and they sent a Prime-Vibe unit out to me for testing and reviewing. The Prime-Vibe is an instrument seasoner for old and new instruments that can be used on Guitar basses, drums, violins, harmonicas, cellos,ukes and mandolins. You play music through it and it vibrates the instrument simulating constant play on the instrument. Once I acquired the Prime-Vibe unit, I was amazed about how nicely this product is boxed! I opened it up to find that the Prime-Vibe package includes, stereo 7 watt per channel amps, 2 transducers that WILL NOT HARM your finish, a power supply with U.S and European Plugs spring style output terminals for the transducers to hook to the amp, as well as, a 2 male end cord to lug Prime-Vibe to your music source of choice. It, also, features a volume knob with a blue LED indicator light and illustrated manual. The Prime-Vibe is finished in a very classy purple finish; so now it came time to test this Unit out. The website for The Prime-Vibe states that using this product will improve your instrument in the following ways: (I will quote what the site says word for word):

“Improved tone Improved clarity Longer note sustain Improved harmonic Improved micro and macro dynamics Some users enthusiastically report a much higher sense of pleasure in playing the instrument Increased revealing of nuance, for instance an increased ability to convey differences in technique by the musician Improved, tighter focus and delineation, for example better definition of individual strings when strumming a chord; also detected as smoother, more balanced integration Greater “projection”, not just louder but the ability to reach audience members that would otherwise not properly hear the instrument…engineers define this as “sound intensity” or sound power per unit area , also described as larger sound-field , larger radiation pattern”

    To use the Prime-Vibe you place the transducers on the spots indicated in the directions, turn the unit on, turn on your music source and start seasoning your instrument! Prime-Vibe recommends that you leave it on the instrument all the time recommended for the best results. For a new instrument; place the Prime-Vibe on the instrument for 100 hours. I used a flat top steel string acoustic; I left my Prime-Vibe on over night seasoning my acoustic, I woke up the next morning, took it off and I was astonished; my guitar sounded like Beautiful thunder. The guitar had a great boost in volume, as well as, clarity. The guitar was giving something back. I could feel the note in my fingers more. I was truly amazed by this product .This is a product that truly works and will give you the greatest results that every musical instrument player looks for, a better sounded more responsive instrument .
  I continued using the Prime-Vibe on the same guitar and it just kept sounding better and better, then I used in on my solid body and it gave it a monster sound and extremely better sustain. All I can say folks is that the Prime-Vibe really does work and you only need one unit to do a variety of instruments, unlike other products that are supposed to do the same thing for your instrument you need to buy a unit instrument specific, NOT the Prime-Vibe, Prime-Vibe is an instrument seasoner , I’d say “One seasoner fits all”! The Prime-Vibe is a great product at a great price! I see great potential for instrument builders, as well as, players alike; from beginners to pros. Everyone will love what the Prime-Vibe does and most of all you can listen to your favorite tones while your instrument is transforming into a Vintage tone machine! I highly recommend the Prime-Vibe to anyone who wants a better sound and response to there instruments! On behalf of Sean's Guitar Garage® I would like to present Prime-Vibe™ with the first SGG “Most Innovative Product Award” for 2012! Congratulations to Prime-Vibe. I would, also, like to give a huge thanks to James and Debra for giving me a Prime-Vibe to try and introduce me to a revolutionary new product!
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My Rating -9 stars

    KGC Killer Claw

   The Killer Claw is one of the Killer products from Killer Guitar Components! Killer Guitar Components is a great USA based company that manufactures high quality parts for your guitar with a tremolo system. A while ago, I was presented with a Killer Claw trem claw from Rick @ KGC. Upon install, I took the backplate off my custom built start replica and the size of the claw compared to the Killer Claw was very astonishing. The Killer Claw is milled out of a solid piece of brass and is not cut then bent into the claw shape like others are. This added a great number of overall improvements to the sound and feel of your guitar and tremolo, as well as, the durability and the overall performance of the claw itself. They come in 3 finishes and they use a great idea for the ground wire. Now most people aren’t that good or brave enough to solder wires to KGC came up with a ‘KILLER’ idea for the ground. All claws from KGC come with a solder less connector, just place the wire in the connector, crimp the connector and then with a heat gun or even carefully with a lighter application of heat to the heat shrink on the connector and you’re done. NO soldering! The claw comes with two sizes of screws and is very easy to install. It was a breeze! I loaded it into the back of the guitar and tightened up the screws to where my desired string tension is this will vary from player to player. Lastly, I screwed my ground connector to the claw then strung it up tuned my axe and plugged it through some VF Cables into my Fender Champion 600 (bare bones killer guitar tube amp). I hit an E chord and BAMM it was like thunder struck; the tone that came out of my Strat was AMAZING! It was powerful and rung out much longer than before I had the Killer Claw loaded in it. NO B.S to anyone; this product improved my guitar tone incredibly. A lot of you don’t understand what changing a claw can do to your guitar and I’m glad I got to hear first hand and feel the difference . My trem stays in tune a lot better now due to the high quality of the claw and the parts it comes with. This product is great for any instrument with a tremolo even Floyd Rose. The Killer Claw will fit in any tremolo equipped guitar. (Fender, PRS, Jackson, Gibson, etc.) I highly recommend this product for anyone with a trem equipped guitar, as well as, any builders who build guitars with a tremolo. This product truly works and you will notice the difference right off the bat! So with test driving this product I decided to make a new award and I would like to Present Rick and Killer Guitar Components with the S.G.G Guitar Hot Rodding product of the season for Summer 2012!!! CONGRATS KGC!! I would like to thank Rick @ KGC for sending me a Killer Claw to checkout...Thanks man you rock!!! MADE IN USA
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My Rating- 8stars

Trident Guitars

   As most of my reviews go I like to start off with some background on the company and how I came aware of the company. Trident Guitars is a company out of Michigan that creates custom guitars and basses with a unique design and shape, I first met the great people of Trident at the Philly Guitar Show in the Fall of 2011. I immediately took a liking to the design and the customization of their instruments and most of all the people behind Trident are down to earth , nice people who want to get you with the axe of your dreams. Trident Guitars builds to the customers specs. The customer picks what components go into one of the stylish models from Trident (DEMIGOD, TEMPEST, CYCLOPS, (guitar models ) and the FURIE (bass model). You, also, choose the woods, electronics and finish. (all options are listed on The instruments are built 100% by hand NO CNC machining! These are high quality handmade instruments! Now let’s move onto the review …I was presented a guitar from Trident. The specs are as follows (taken right from Trident’s website)
Model: Tempest | Body: Ash | Neck: 3 Piece Maple/Walnut/Maple, Wide Thin "C" Profile, 25.5 inch Scale | Fretboard: Ebony/w Dot Markers, 12 inch Radius | Pickups: GFS Vintage 59 set | Controls: 2 Volume,(cts pots) 1 tone (Sprague Orange Drop Tone Capacitors), 3-Way Pickup Selector | Finish: Neck: Natural, Tung-Oil Body: Black Cherry, Tung Oil .When the guitar arrived, I popped open the case and right away I was astonished by the beautiful black cherry Tung oil finish and the overall look was very Classy with some punch! The neck had a great feel lightening fast and comfortable! The body was nice and thick, not a little twig, it was a nice chunk of heavy duty ash, but when it was strapped on it was very light it. Looking over the guitar all the hardware and components were very high quality Trident only uses the finest! Then came the real test …THE SOUND, it always plays electrics acoustically before plugging it in because if it sounds good acoustically it’s going to sound just as good plugged in. The Trident rang loud, clean and very tight sound; all the notes were crisp and punchy and very loud! I plugged it through some VF Cables straight into my Fender champion 600 amp NO effects! The sound was amazing; just as I expected. The guitar was chock full of sustain and clarity. The great construction of the Trident Guitar compacted with a great set of GFS Vintage ’59 set it’s a great sounding set. I played on the Trident for a while noodling around on it, then cranking my amp up to get great sounding natural tube breakup to give me that creamy distortion. As I mentioned before the Guitars sustain was incredible! The overall tone of this guitar was amazing. Everything about this guitar was amazing. I’d highly recommend Trident Guitars to anyone looking for a great personalized guitar that will last and will take anything you throw at it from Jazz to Metal! The guitars are, also, VERY affordable for the quality that is put out and the craftsmanship. To everyone reading this review contact Trident Guitars and look for a Guitar show near you where they will be showing their works of art and try one out yourself …YOU WILL THANK ME! I would like to present Trident Guitars with the 2012 S.G.G Luthier Of The Year Award! Congratulations Trident and the Trident Family! I would like to thank the people at Trident for loaning a guitar to me for review. MADE IN THE USA.
Retail- Prices vary check
My Rating- 10 stars

                              ScreaminFX 1954 Fuzz

As always, I want to start this review off with a little company background of ScreaminFX, ScreaminFX is a company based in Austin ,TX . They are hand-wired by Seth, the owner of ScreaminFX, also, a very cool dude looking to hook you up with his great creations at a killer price. All of Seth’s pedals are made with the high-quality components and pack killer tones and features.

Now for the review of the 1954 fuzz from ScreaminFX. This is a Silicon Fuzz pedal that delivers great vintage fuzz tones, packed with cool and helpful features. In fuzz circuit you will, also, find a Buffer and Boost BUILT INTO THE PEDAL that are accessible via mini switches. The pedal, also, features ScreaminFX’s exclusive WahSAFE ™ and FuzzSafe ™. These two features are very helpful. To go into better detail on these features please visit this page ( where Seth explains about the WahSAFE™ & FuzzSAFE™ they are both meant to put the 1954 Fuzz wherever you want in your chance with no loss in tremble or overall tone with some cool twists, so checkout the link about these two features. This pedal, also, can be powered like most pedals via 9vt power supply or battery. This pedal uses VERY little energy a standard 9vt battery in this pedal will last around 100 hours! This pedal is built to last in a high quality steel enclosure and come in a sleek orange power coated finish with Killer graphics!

Let’s now discuss the overall sound and usage of the 1954 fuzz! The 1954 fuzz has a total of 3 knobs and a footswitches and 2 mini switches. The fuzz circuit has 2 knobs (one for volume and one for fuzz). There is a mini switch for the buffer circuit that will restore your treble and overall tone. The other mini switch is for the Boost that will give you up to 6dB boost. The pedal is a true by-pass in all its circuits and has an orangey-red LED indicator light when the pedal is engaged.

It’s time to talk about the sound! I took 3 other market leading fuzz pedals (2 from major manufacturers and 1 from a boutique style builder. (I’m not mentioning any names so don’t ask, all I will say is these are big names in the industry)! I used a Dual Humbucker guitar loaded with TTS Music 59’ pups right into a FENDER CHAMPION 600 amp on the low input with the volume around 7 o’clock, all rigged up with VF Cables! The sound of this pedal was everything you would look for in a fuzz pedal and more with vintage and boutique fuzzy sounds. The sound is nice smooth fuzz not to much gain just right, with the buffer and boost features it opens up the 1954 fuzz with a realm of tonal possibilities. This pedal is great for everything and delivers anything and any amount of fuzzy-ness your looking for. I was very impressed with the overall quality and craftsmanship of the pedal, as well as, the overall tone and features. I think this pedal is great and would be a great choice to strap down to a pedal board of your choosing (I personally like the Chemistry Design Werks holey board.) I highly recommend the 1954 Fuzz, as well as, all the pedals in the ScreaminFX line. They are built to last and most off all sound amazing, take my word for it and go try them out and tell them Sean's Guitar Garage sent you. I’d, also, like to give a huge thanks to my Buddy Seth @ ScreaminFX for making this all possible, YOU ROCK! MADE IN THE USA!
Retail- $175.00
My Rating 8 stars

ToneButcher WeeWah

As always a little company Background of ToneButcher . ToneButcher is based in Costa Mesa, CA. They have a unique style that you won’t find in any other boutique pedal builder. These aren’t just a stomp box they are a modern work of art with killer sounds and capabilities. All the pedals from tone butcher 100% hand wired in California and all back a tonal punch for a variety of instruments! The first thing I noticed with the wee wah is its size! The demotions will astound you it’s one of the smallest pedals on the market measuring a very tiny (orpox) 2 ¾ inches long by 1 ½ inches wide and 2 inches tall! That takes up a very small amount of real estate on your pedal board and small enough to go in a guitar case accessory compartment and heck even if it came down to it if you had to; it will fit in YOUR POCKET! The WeeWah is a part of the ToneButcher’s micro line , which offers a range of pedals and with all of them will give you basically all you need to make the smallest pedal board you’ll ever see and use! Everyone that I’ve shown the WeeWah to gasped at the size of it’s truly amazing to make a pedal that small that packs a HUGE Sounding effect. The WeeWah is a mixture of an envelope filter and an auto-wah. It shares the characteristics of both of them, it responds to the pick attack and playing style like an envelope filer but you can also dial in great wah-sounds in a fixed position like a auto-wah. This pedal produces great tones for anything and responds great to the players attack.The WeeWah has 2 jacks, 2 knobs and 1 mini switch and a single foot switch to engage the effect. This is how the switch works, when the switch is up, the filter sweeps up (low to high), when the switch is down the filter sweeps down (high to low). When testing this product I found that it sounds exceptionally great with the switch down with the left knob at 9 o’ clock and the right knob at about 3 or 4 o’clock (just to my ears). These settings will vary depending on the guitar your are using ( Humbucker ,single coils , hollow ,semi hollow ,solid body, etc ) The WeeWah is powered by a 9vt plug only! (no battery space, which to me I find is a good feature and keeps this baby small and extremely compact. It is finished with a light blue bottom and sides and a brushed steel top where the controls are located. Now on to the sound test, I used a power conditioner to run this pedal to get clean, regulated power because its only powered by a 9vt plug. (In any other pedal i try, that will take a 9vt battery I use a lithium energizer battery for power.) I used a dual hum bucker guitar loaded with TTS Music 59’ pups into a fender champion 600 in the low channel with volume at 12 o’clock, all wired up with VF CABLES. The pedal was extremely responsive to my playing, and produced some authentic wah sounds with a twist of its own characteristics. The WeeWah works great with other pedals such as mild overdrives and distortions as well and delays. The pedal, with its small foot print packed a killer punch with a microscopic footprint. The pedal is a tone machine, and works great with guitars as well as keys, and bass. Try the pedal out yourself. S.G.G has teamed up with ToneButcher to offer Our readers with a Exclusive deal, Tonebutcher set up a Sean Maine Special (SMS) promo as incentive to Sean's Guitar Garage Readers for a limited time. - Any Weewah purchased through the following link will receive a 10% incentive off the retail price as well as free shipping (FedEx in USA - USPS Global Post Int'l) Just click the following link input: SMS (make sure the SMS is uppercase!) and click the apply coupon button prior to clicking the buy now button. PEOPLE THAT’S A GREAT DEAL AND YOU WILL ONLY FIND IT HERE SO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS LIMTED TIME OFFER AND GET YOUR SELF THIS KILLER EFFECT!!! I want to give a big thanks to Howard over @ ToneButcher for making this all possible..THANKS MAN!! ...MADE IN USA!!!
Retail -Check ToneButcher website (i'll link below)
My Rating- 8 stars

                     L.R Baggs m1 Active (M1A)

I am very happy to announce I have teamed up with one of the industries leading makers in acoustic pickups and other related products such as preamps. This company is L.R Baggs. L.R Baggs based in Nipomo, CA makes incredible products from under saddle transducers to bridges with acoustic capabilities for electric. L.R Baggs does it all. I got a chance to work with them recently by checking out and reviewing a M1A magnetic sound hole pickup. Now here is the overview of the pickup, L.R Baggs makes magnetic sound hole pickups like no other. This one (m1 active) features some great things, first off it is a stacked humbucking pickup. The bottom coils keeps it nice and quiet and the top coil is where the magic happens. The top coil gives you beautiful single coil sound, still with great acoustic tone without the hum. This pickup is, also, extremely feedback resistant. Another great feature of this great pickup is it has a very actable battery cutout under the pickup; it runs on 3vt lithium coin cell and has a battery life of 1,000 hours! It has a volume control and adjustable pole pieces (the pickup comes with a wrench to adjust the poles, an extra battery, pole extensions, instructions and a pre-wired strapjack gold plated jack). A fantastic characteristic, is that it not only picks up sounds of the strings as a normal pickup would do but, also, through L.R Baggs technology picks up body sounds, as well. (For more information on the way it works please refer to L.R Baggs website; which, I will link below). So now you can play with some percussion sounds, as well, which means you can start tapping on the guitars top and the pickup will pick up that tapping or any other body sound. So now I will move on to the performance of this pickup. I loaded the M1a into my demo acoustic guitar and tanglewood tw28. I plugged into a p.a system and wired it with VF CABLES (from guitar to board). I tried it out and I was extremely impressed with the tonal properties of the pickup and the sounds it made were unlike others. It produces a very crisp clear warm acoustic tone that captures the true element of the guitar. I, also, was able to play at very high volumes and not have any feedback issues. The pickup is very well made and will withstand road use to sweat! I was blown away with this pickup and I am happy to recommend this product to any musician at any level. I would like to give a huge thanks to MIKE over @ L.R Baggs for working with me on this review and letting me try one out..Thanks Mike and sorry for the wait! MADE IN USA!
Retail-$170.00 - MY Rating- 8 stars

                      EMG James Hetfeild Pickups

Well normally I like to start a review with a little background on a company. In this review, I’m not going to discuss much of that. EMG pickups in located right in Santa Rosa, CA, and you know what that means; these great products are made right here in the USA! They’re a company with great innovations and industry leading products. Their product range covers active and passive pickups, pickups for guitars to banjo! EMG makes it happen; they, also, produce some products other than pickups. GREAT STUFF! Now onto the review about the JH SET. I’m not going to get into exact specs, but I will cover some of them. Check out EMG’S website for all the specs on these pickups, which, I will link at the end of the review. The JH Set is an active set of pickups that were tuned to the ears of Metallica’s front man, Mr., James Hetfeild! James and EMG worked closely together to come up with these tone machines. I have to say before I got these pickups I wasn’t a fan of active pickups (I never tried EMG’S in my guitar before). Active pickups other companies were putting out just didn’t sound great, I could never get a good smooth clean tone and it was always slightly gritty no matter what I did, then one day I was presented with the JH set from EMG and I was blown away right from opening the box . Most active pickups on the market today have no pole pieces or screws showing like a traditional pickup. So when I noticed that the JH set Sported visible pole pieces that was a big plus; also, not to mention these pickups have a killer finish to them! Now I am not good at soldering; whatsoever, that’s my only weak point in my guitar knowledge, so, then I found out that these like many other EMG’S comes with their Solder less connection system with everything you need to rewire your guitar (4 new pots new jack and all the solder less connections, the main terminal where it all gets plugged into and the new battery connector); so wiring this set was a breeze! Since these are active you need a 9vt battery to power them. The great thing about this is the battery life is about 1500 hours so you don’t need to worry yourself about the battery dying. (It will eventually, but, you know what I’m saying). The cosmetics and the quality and simplicity of the parts were great and they are built to last! Now onto the sound and final impressions. I loaded them into my Washburn lp copy. I plugged it into my Vox Vt15 and put it on the cleanest amp preset and wired it with VF Cables, the clean tone was actually clean NO grit. The cleans have a nice range, crisp highs and smooth lows. The neck pickups are soo smooth sounding and the bridge isn’t too bright, but just enough to where they balance out perfectly, then when I felt like unleashing these beasts of pickups I set my amp to an overdriven ac50 sound and boy do these things kick. They have just what you would expect from active pickups with more dynamics and tonal possibilities. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a new set of higher output pickups or just a huge Metallica fan. Everyone go checkout the JH set from EMG you won’t be disappointed! I’d like to give a big thanks to Louis over at EMG for making all of this happen..Thanks man you rock! MADE IN USA!
MY Rating -10 stars!

Buzz Electronics A/B switch

Buzz Electronics is a company located in the UK. They produce 100% hand wired signal routing pedals (loppers, switches, splitters, etc.) They use the highest quality components to ensure the best the pedal can be. These components include Neutrik Jacks 3PDT Switches for True Bypass switching, and Die Cast Aluminum Enclosures; these things put all together with 100% hardwiring makes these pedals rock solid and durable!
I came across and contacted Buzz Electronics and I received an a/b box to test out and review. When the pedal arrived, I do what I always do with all pedals, I open them up and take a look inside and all of the connections of the pedal were nice and cleanly soldered with no cold solder joints. Another great thing about this pedal is that it is passive; however, it has two bright LED’s to indicate what output your using; these require a 9vt power; mine uses a 9vt adaptor, but you can order yours with an internal battery connector as well as your choice in LED lights.
Now let’s talk about the sound test. There are many things you can do with an a/b box; for example, go 1 guitar in and 2 amps out, or pedal boards or use it to switch between guitars and countless other uses. In testing out the pedal I went the route from my pedal board signal to 2 outputs to amps. I plugged through my pedal chain on top of a Chemistry Design Works Holeyboard (pedal board) and it’s all wired up with VF Cables. My two outputs from the Buzz Electronics A/B box were the first (A Output) was to my VOX Vt15 for a dirty sound and the second (B Output) was to plug into my Fender Champion 600 for a clean tone. I freely switch between the two outputs with silent smooth switching with no loss in tone or volume (true bypass is great)! These pedals are incredibly priced, as well as, there is no reason why an a/b box should cost $100+. These are 100% hand wired AND true bypass with led indicator lights and they have a 2 year warranty for only $37.09, (for a standard a/b switcher). All of Buzz Electronics pedals are a great value for what they are,Great stuff! I encourage you to stop spending your money on some company’s expensive switchers and loopers that are factory mass produced, they are garbage. GO WITH BUZZ ELECTRONICS, they make great stuff, you WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED! Here at Sean’s Guitar Garage, from now on I’m using Buzz Electronics Products signal routing products exclusively, and hope to work with them in the future! I want to give a huge thanks to Simon over at Buzz Electronics for making this happen ...thanks and sorry for the wait! MADE IN THE UK!
Direct from     $37.00

              Grover romantic tuners 18:1 Gear Ratio

As with all of my reviews I like to start off with some company background, but yet again, I am dealing with a huge name in the company and they have established their own mark in history. Grover has been in business for over a century and make high quality components for all instruments, but are most well known for there industry standard high grade tuners. They use high quality components in all their tuners and they come in a vast variety of styles for all different instruments, all put together here in the USA!
The installation of the tuners was very easy for me, but I am experienced with guitar repair and maintenance. I DO CATUION ANYONE WHO ISN’T, DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF IF YOU ARE UNSURE, DON’T RUIN YOUR AXE TAKE IT TO A PROFESSIONAL GUITAR TECH OR LUITHER IN YOUR AREA!
Now these 18:1 gear ratio romantic’s are the new and improved model on the original romantics. These provide a smaller gear for finer tuning and overall stability. They have that great classic Grover look, and are very smooth. Some tuners on the market when they start to get higher tension on them their gears start to slip and sometimes even catch and make tuning and staying in tune hard. With these Grover’s you won’t have that problem. They are a breeze and pleasure to tune. The quality of these fine tuners is exquisite, from their overall strength and the way they are built to how they perform; the task they are made for. I fine tune mine for on target and staying there longer with these tuners. Another great part about them is; they give you that great classic Grover look that has spruced up guitars in the tuning department for decades. They are fully closed gear and are lifetime sealed lubricated for lifetime durability. These come in a variety of finishes and configurations check Grover site; which I will link below for all details. These are a great upgrade for any guitar; I highly recommend you go out and grab a set, you won’t be disappointed! I want to give a big thanks to the great people of Grover for sending me a set out for review! Thanks guys, you rock and make great products! Cheers! MADE IN THE USA.
Retail - prices vary check Grover distributors
My Rating - 7 stars

Hipshot Grip-Lock open gear locking tuning machines

As always, I will start off with a tad bit of company info and how I came across these products. Hipshot is a company located in New York; they produce high quality guitar hardware from bridges to tuners. They craft all their products right here in the USA using only the best materials. Their products are crafted with great pride and spot on craftsmanship and are built to last a lifetime; as I and most of you know; locking tuners have been on the market for many years. I came across these tuners by looking at a guitar by a builder in California. I never saw locking tuners with the gears exposed and I thought it was a great innovation, so I contacted my friends at Hipshot and they sent me a set on six in lines in a classy gold finish for my custom strat. The Grip-Lock open gear tuners are available in many configurations with multiple finishes, button styles and configurations. Another great thing I dig about these tuners is that they have the option (as do other Hipshot tuners) to choose either standard or staggered posts. Staggered posts are a better alternative for flat head stocks (strat, tele, etc.) it’s important on flat head stocks to have a downward pressure so the strings stay where they should and sound resonates as good as it can. With staggered posts you eliminate the need for string trees, which, sometimes the string trees bind up and make unwanted noise and they need to be placed in the correct spot for optimal functionality. The staggered posts are, also, good for angled headstocks; as well as, to give you downward pressure on the nut and give optimal tone and sustain.
These come with an 18:1 gear ratio for smooth and stable tuning. The installation of these tuners was easy (again if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t feel safe doing it in on your axe take it to a professional in your area). After installation I strung up the guitar and was amazed; not only did the tuners function beautifully and kept my guitar in precise tuning during the test.
The added level of classiness and style with the open gears is a cool look and they are great tuners that will last you and your guitar a lifetime. I highly recommend these tuners! Go out and grab a set. Trust me you won’t be disappointed! I want to give a big thanks to the people at Hipshot for making this possible! You rock! MADE IN THE USA!
Retail-prices vary check hipshot"s website for details
My Rating -8 stars

                                                                                            Eminence Swamp Thang

As always folks, I’ll start my review with a little background on the company. I have the great pleasure to introduce a new member to Sean’s Guitar Garage Family, Eminence Speakers. Eminence produces high-quality speakers for a variety of applications, mostly right here in the USA using the highest quality of components and putting a lot of love into every speaker.

The Swamp Thang is a 12” guitar speaker. The speaker has a power rating of 150 watts, which, gives you many possibilities of what amp you could use it with; it also, comes in either 8 ohm or 16 ohm (the one I was presented with and reviewed is based on an 8ohm. Both speakers are the same construction they just come in different ohm loads). It’s a ceramic speaker with a copper voice coil, a pressed steel basket and a paper cone with a big Zurette dust cap. Checkout Eminence’s website for full details and specs. (I will link that below)! This speaker is a part of the “Patriot” series of speakers from Eminence.

Now onto the best part, the sound test. I took the Swamp Thang and loaded it into a beautiful 1x12 cabinet by the great folks @ PINETONE CABINETS. Now the speaker can handle 150 watts, but I wanted to try small and simple so I used my favorite amp the I use in reviews and testing gear; my Fender Champion 600; it’s very simple and tuneful. I rigged it up with a fabulous speaker cable from VF CABLES. I used a Custom HSS strat. I put it through a few hours of play from clean to deadly overdrive; this speaker not only was extremely responsive it packs killer tone! The Swamp Thang produces great lows, as mentioned on Eminences website and I quote,” The Swamp Thang provides a thick and chunky tone with loads of sustain. The awesome bottom end will hold up to even the most demanding drop-tune or 7 string players.” Now let me tell you that Eminence didn’t lie about that statement. Using this speaker, I noticed big fat chunky lows, they reach out and grab you, it produces nice smooth cleans and when needed to delivers jaw dropping dirt! This speaker isn’t only good for dropped tuners and 7= string players it’s good for ANYONE, no matter what and how you play it! Let me, also, mention when I got this speaker I was blown away with the overall quality and craftsmanship of this product; it is OUTSTANDING! Let me tell ya folks Eminence speakers are made to last a lifetime and the people who make them are truly passionate about their product and extremely nice folk. I recommend you check out the Swamp Thang and all the great products from Eminence and find what fits you best, you won’t be disappointed! I want to give a big thanks to Cobi @ Eminence for making this happen! Thanks man! MADE IN THE USA!
My Rating -8 stars

                                                                     PINETONE Guitar Cabinet

Hi folks, as always, I will start this review off with some company background. PINETONE is a custom speaker cabinet maker right here in the great State of New Jersey in the USA. They produce extremely well built guitar cabinets with master craftsmanship, detail and best of all; THEY’RE BUILT LIKE TANKS! Their cabinets come in a variety of configurations with a range of options (such as Tolex finish etc). I was presented with a 1x12 closed back with off-axis baffle. All of Pinetones cabinets are constructed with dovetailed Eastern White Pine wood. The baffles and back are constructed with ¾’ pine plywood, they also, use Switchcraft jacks and JSC speaker cables, now I would like to give you a direct statement from Joe @ PINETONE that really explains the pride and craftsmanship of his cabinets.

“If you look at the inside of our cabs you will notice the inside rails are just not laying on top of the wood inside like typical cabs, we route a dado joint that the rails are glued and fitted into. We, also, use many gussets inside the cab to reinforce the cabinet and finally, construction adhesive is applied to all inside parameters of the cab to ensure the absolute tightest response.” That folks is a true statement. The inside of the cabinet is just as beautiful as the outside, no doubt about it.

Now onto the sound test. I loaded this PINETONE 1x12 with a Swamp Thang from the good people at Eminence. I used a crate 120watt solid state top for this test, because the speaker can handle 150 watts and I wanted to see what this cab would handle. So I started with a clean sound and the cabinet was very responsive to the sound and resonated very well with the speaker, then I decided it was time to put the amp into meltdown mode and the cabinet took to that very well, it didn’t rattle and produced nice bassy tones. This cabinet is the real deal. It is very strong and will last. I have a head and a combo amp stacked on top of it and it’s still as solid as a rock and doesn’t bow or buckle. This is not some particle board piece of garbage cabinet; this is a handcrafted monster ready to rock, I highly recommend PINETONE cabinets you won’t be disappointed! Get handmade quality people, get your hands on a rock solid cabinet from PINETONE that will last you a lifetime, you will thank yourself for doing so. I want to give a big thanks to Joe @ PINETONE for making this happen, I know I’ve told you, but, you make killer stuff man, Thanks! MADE IN USA
Price- Check link below prices vary
My Rating - 10 stars